Hear what people say about working with us:

Jane Radcliffe is a superb teacher -- the best. I benefited enormously from her class. It was a life-changing experience for me, and I saw many other students blossom under her tutelage.

- Leslie Goldberg, award-winning journalist

Thank you very much for all the help over the years...

- Salvatore Pavone, Successfully employed former special ed student

Thanks for all your help in the past years; you'll hear from me...

- Stanley Ho, UCDavis

When the meaning of something I wrote was not obvious to Jane, her method of guiding me towards expressing a thought clearly was always meticulous. She would ask questions, never merely correct me, until we both felt that it was right.

- Reed Bennett, successful college applicant

This is not packaged learning: motivation and accountability are the keys to resolving the problem; and, because of the way teenagers are programmed, their parents' ability to help is limited at this time in their lives.

Reed's English and History teachers have both written comments on his papers about the improvement in his writing over the summer.

- Joni Eisen, Parent

I have had the opportunity to work with two of Jane's students over the years, and both students blossomed under her guidance. One student was extremely shy and required a great deal of assistance with his verbal and writing skills. Jane worked on his basics, but also directed the student toward programs that would allow him to grow. This student now attends a prestigious university and is extremely confident with his studies and with life. Jane has a wonderful ability of pinpointing the specific needs of her students, and locating solutions that do not just involve homework, but address the whole student.

- Annie Malley, Librarian

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