Earth Day 2011

Best two-minute video: it has good news on a one-celled critter fighting global warming!

Recommended Books

Analogy Adventures, The Learning Works, Santa Barbara, California. Try this if you're looking for fun with word games.

Logic, Anyone?, Fearon Teachers Aids, Parsippany New Jersey. Try this if you're looking for fun with reasoning.

English Grammar Guidebook, Hayes School Publishing, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. If the school wants the standard grammatical definitions, they're all here.

ARCO, High School Entrance Exams: SSAT and Others, ARCO, New York. The SSAT is required for entrance at many private high schools.

Cracking the SAT, Princeton Review, Random House, New York. Strategy tips and sample math and verbal problems for the standard SAT I aptitude test.

Cracking the SAT II: MATH, Princeton Review, Random House, New York. Just algebra and geometry, but with good tips on working through it very rapidly.


Recommended Periodical

Kaplan Newsweek 2001: How to Get In To College. Newsweek's magazine format and breezy style. Useful short articles on the subject.


Online Resources

There are a couple of user-friendly math sites I like for students who need just a little help and who are comfortable working alone: Purplemath and MathStories.

Schwab Foundation for Learning. This is the site of the Schwab Foundation. It tells parents how to help kids with learning differences.


Community Resources

Open Gate, Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, 300 Seneca, San Francisco 94112, 415-469-4518. This is a wonderful friendly place where parents can use a library of books and magazines and also talk with a staff person.

Aim High, Lick-Wilmerding High School, 755 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco 94112. 415-333-5836. This is a cultural enrichment summer program for motivated middle-school students.

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