StudyBuddy's rates are discussed at the initial session, which is always free of charge.

StudyBuddy's rates are usually about $40-45 (sliding scale) for a 60 to 75-minute session at the home of the instructor. The sessions may be held at the student's home for an additional charge. If an urgent situation requires a short period of biweekly scheduling, a $5 discount is offered.

Cram sessions for the SAT, SSAT, or PSAT are $50-100. They are usually two to three hours, and they can be scheduled at whatever place is convenient. Additional charges may be made for travel time and preparation time, depending on the extent of either. Cancellations made on the same day incur 50% of the regular fee; cancellations with 24-hours notice incur no charges. StudyBuddy offers 15% discount to families engaging us for two children. With the exception of SAT coaching, it's important that we be permitted to talk with someone at the school, in order to adapt our methodology to what's being used in the classroom. English, French, Spanish, History, General Science, Social Science, Algebra, and Plane Geometry have all responded well to our emphasis on accurate recording of assignments, improved information-gathering, and methodical study habits (We do not tutor trigonometry, solid-geometry, calculus, chemistry, or physics; we do not tutor other foreign languages. However, we often can recommend an associate in these areas.)

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