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Jane 300Jane Radcliffe has lived in the Bay Area for more than 40 years, and through her experiences as a teacher, educator, and writer founded StudyBuddy to help students with cross-cultural and learning differences make the most of their strengths. She worked as a freelance journalist and software-documentation contractor. She served on the board of the Society for Technical Communication, and initiated that group's Internship Program. She taught reporting and creative-writing at the San Francisco Community College Centers, and technical-writing at the Downtown Center of City College. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Barnard College of Columbia University, and a Master's degree from the University of Michigan, as well as California State Teaching Credential #150007. Jane has also been a volunteer at the California Academy of Sciences for 20 years.

Earlier, she taught for thirty months at the American Library in Casablanca, Morocco, a facility of the U.S. Information Service. U.S.I.S later commissioned her adaptation of Miracle in the Hills by Mary Martin Sloop, M.D. as a reader for foreign students (Berkley Press, 1964). Subsequently settled in Washington, D.C., Jane worked as an editor for the Bureau of National Affairs, then held faculty positions at the National Cathedral School for Girls, George Washington University, and Georgetown University. She worked for three years as a language specialist at the U.S. Naval Intelligence School, then served as Fulbright Lecturer in Linguistics at San Marcos University in Lima, Peru. (Her book Lima Rooftops: Chants in Two Immigrant Languages was published in 1978 by Solo Press in English and Spanish, and is available at Amazon today.) When needed, Jane is helped by graduate students at SF State.

Three GenerationsStudyBuddy's Benefits to Families: Long experience with diversity allows Jane to address the issues of those students whose high aims require that they learn to present themselves well in highly competitive settings, and also those students whose cultural or learning differences require a custom approach to focus their accountability. The new Common Core standards require harnessing a student's strengths and identifying weaknesses early. Parents have so much to do that these demands can turn family-life into an arena for daily friction. With the flexibility allowed by forty years of teaching experience, StudyBuddy can often defuse the situation, generate student-accountability, and take the pressure off. Check out Testimonials for what parents say about us.

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